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Your World of Wellness

Evo is a thoughtfully designed chair focused on ergonomics, its quality build combining intuitive controls and automatic weight-activated tension for healthier performance levels as well as overall well-being within the workplace.

Design ideas

HNI has been working with the international designer – Mr. Bruce Fifield to create a number of popular office furniture. Bruce has won many international awards for his creations, while awards include Green Good Design Award, Good Design Award, IDSA, iF, Red Dot, Medical Design Excellence Award and Compasso d'Oro. In his cooperation with HNI, Bruce has created Acuity Executive Chair and Mimeo Executive Chair for Allsteel, which have been popular across the globe. Bruce has now worked with Lamex and Allsteel to develop the brand new and popular Office Chair – Evo.

The development of Evo’s design derives its inspiration from the geometrical relationship - Golden Ratio, and is characterized by the harmonious formal balance it represents. The Golden Ratio focuses on the perfect balance of the human body, which allows the chair to automatically find the best seating position and provide the greatest comfort for you.

Work Better. Feel healthier.

Featuring unrestricted movement and cross-functional interaction. Evo is easy-to-use and offers ergonomic controls that allow you to feel better for greater comfort and well-being. Paired with the height-adjustable workstation, it allows for a range of postures and work.

A Lasting Impression.

Embrace your personality and the way you like to work - Evo's exceptional style and range of options suit your particular workstation needs, be it individual or collaborative and within conference rooms.

Made for Your Needs

Evo's performance-driven build suits all manner of works, its ergonomic design suited to natural back shapes, for comfort that boosts focus while offering physical relief from long hours. Be it private offices or meeting rooms, Evo's distinctive style defines workplaces.


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Please contact with Lamex Service Personnel for the complete color selection of Evo




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