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17 June, 2024

As Watson Group | Collaboration is the key to unlocking innovation


In today’s competitive business environment, innovation has become the key to business development. Furthermore, profitable growth has become more challenging amidst ever-changing market demands and the explosion of smart technologies and startups. Innovation provides an advantage to businesses, but how do we turn innovation from buzzword to reality?

We can see the effective way to achieve innovation in the new office of AS Watson, a 180-year-old group of companies, through collaboration!

This new office space opened in Hong Kong is not a traditional formal environment - it is a space designed to facilitate seeking opinions and active discussions to expand the knowledge base of members, so that from company to members can all realize the importance of interpersonal interaction for innovation.

Collaborative, comfortable and dynamic office space has the power to inspire innovation. AS Watson understands that each member can bring a unique set of knowledge and skills to the group. Through an open environment, members are encouraged to grow freely, work together and integrate each other's views, generate new ideas and make continuous progress!

Implement the concept of

Be remarkable. Be yourself.



Ease at work is better than relaxion after work

For young professionals, they are more inclined to companies that can embrace new insights and activate members' creativity when applying for jobs.

Collaborative furniture such as the All Around island sofa, Perch sofa series and Slash multifunctional chair are important for maintaining collaborative communication, dynamic image and creative atmosphere in open spaces.

Stylish and novel furniture design and bright colors allow members to communicate freely at any time in a pleasant and relaxed environment and can also attract and gather more talents for the company.

AS Watson Group also provides a diversified office environment, ergonomically designed comfortable furniture and exercise bikes to meet the different needs of its members, inspire them to enjoy their work, and respond to work and challenges in a healthy and positive way.



Quick huddle is better than long waiting

It can be difficult to keep team interactions active when the conference room is in use and the rest of the team has no space to hold and attend meetings.

Lumin 2-4P lounges next to workstations can take over the function of conference rooms, encouraging members to interact and communicate more face-to-face at any time, feel free to express their opinions, and better control the noise of open spaces.

A workplace that can meet the needs of enterprises and members includes both closed meeting rooms and open meeting areas. Members can make room for either formal or informal communication through different negotiation environments, making work light and comfortable.


It’s best to meet and chat face-to-face

How to make members more enthusiastic about face-to-face communication? An open space may be what you need. Getting rid of some walls in the area can reduce the psychological cost of communication and make members' conversation more immediate.

Lamex's Avail bench, Avail height-adjustable desk and Esen task chair can also create a comfortable and agile working area for members. Encourage members to stand or sit while working and exchange ideas more.

Flexible combo furniture is also essential to keep communication going in an open office space. The mobile Hockey training table and Billie lounge chair can be combined quickly to meet the needs of members for communication, activities, learning and rest, achieving barrier-free interaction.

By understanding AS Watson Group's need to expand its international business, establish an interactive culture and upgrade its office environment, Lamex worked with them to create a workplace that encourages members to show their uniqueness and achieve each other. It provides continuous comfortable support and improvement opportunities, motivates members to develop, facilitate the sharing and co-innovation with greater work efficiency and satisfaction.

Innovation will cease to exist without cooperation. With spatial planning concepts that closely follow the needs of the times and professional experience with ingenuity accumulation over the years, Lamex will help you and your members rethink more suitable planning and design. That will improve the convenience of collaborative interaction and the cohesion of teams, provide more opportunities for the growth of enterprises and their members, and ensure your continued success in the future!