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Product description

Coves is a family of semi-enclosed products supporting workplace needs for the work community to gather and connect, and for individuals to retreat for nourishment and a slower more thoughtful pace of work.

Coves sofa series features 2 or 3 sided privacy of 1600mm height with inviting soft corners and edge contours, fully upholstered in Lamex fabrics with wide range of colors and textures.

Sofa comes with high back for enhanced comfort, softly supporting our head and neck whenever needed. Recessed LED light at the back creates a relaxed work ambience with just enough brightness for smart device and laptop use. Option for acoustic roof creates a wonderfully quiet environment and a beautiful comforting haven for an individual work or conversation with a work partner.

Always supporting the need for convenient power charging, Coves provide option for power with 1 socket and 2 USB locatable on the left or right underside of sofa.

Coves Workpods - Expanding Coves as a family of semi-enclosed solution for focus work, collaboration or simply resting to recharge one’s spirit, Coves workpods semi-private enclosures flexibly support seated touchdown or focus work across diverse work neighborhoods. Supported by impossibly slim legs, Coves signature curved screens appears floated in space punctuating workspace with attractive color and organic form while serving work.

Coves Lounge, Standing Suites and Lite Media offer plush media-facilitated environments for group collaborations, sheltered from noise and distractions.
AV technology-ready for audio and video presentations, Coves allows for real-time collaboration and video conferencing in our increasingly remote work world.


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Please contact with Lamex Service Personnel for the complete color selection of Coves