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Refined Material

Lamex offers a wide variety of colors and materials that can elevate your workplace, enrich your working environment, and encourage new ideas.  Materials used and production practices are in harmony with all principles and standards governing respect for, and protection of the environment.

We are constantly evaluating how our materials selections and manufacturing advances can minimize our impact on the ,environment. We strive to create new designs, products, and workplace solutions that are grounding in achieving sustainability.

Lamex ColorBook 

The Song Dynasty was one of the most remarkable dynasties in Chinese history. It was renowned for its forward-thinking approach to the arts, poetry and literature, striking a particular chord with generations of people across the world. The era not only demonstrated the universal appeal of fusing color and design but also encapsulated timeless beauty. Brought to life by the colors of the Song Dynasty, Lamex Colors honor the Song era unique interpretations.

Lamex Colorbook
Lamex Color Guide

Material Types

Material Types

Surface material availability differs between products. You are able to select your favorite material for your preferred products. Just click on a specific product to view its available surface materials.