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Who We Are

Founded in Hong Kong in 1977, Lamex has been a pioneer in the office furniture market in Greater China and the rest of Asia. Our Mission is to deliver quality, value and service and we have developed a stellar reputation for Trusted Leadership & Operational Excellence. As one of Greater China’s leading manufacturer of comprehensive office furniture solutions, we operate showrooms and sales offices in Hong Kong, Shanghai, Beijing, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Chongqing as well as supporting dealer partners in China. Lamex also maintains an extensive distribution network covering the rest of Asia including our newest direct sales office in Singapore.

Our manufacturing plant is the most modern of its kind in China and Asia. In addition to housing our product design, manufacturing, and testing facilities, this state-of-the-art plant is also the site for our warehousing, administrative and training functions. Having all these activities concentrated under one roof enables Lamex to imagine inspiring workplace solutions that blend global design trends with local tastes and preferences.

You may download our corporate brochure HERE.

Leading into a smart future.

Our Vision

To be the preferred office solutions provider in Asia.

Our Mission

  • We are a pioneer in design, manufacturing, and distribution of workspace solutions.
  • We are your trusted partner in creating the environments that are stimulating, productive, and satisfying.


Our Value

1Flexibility to meet your fast-evolving business needs.

Success in the digital age depends on the ability of a firm to respond quickly to the unique needs of its customers. By crafting and delivering customized solutions tailored to their market dynamics, we create value for clients in industries ranging from law and finance to tech and fashion.

It begins with accountability and our people.
By taking ownership of their work, our people remain engaged and accountable throughout all projects. Our experienced sales teams are equipped to deliver professional workplace advisory services. Our project managers and installation professionals possess the sophisticated know-how needed to ensure the strategic integration of your workplace elements, insure quality and deliver on-time performance and flawless execution.

Impeccable customer service is crucial to our clients.
We are agile and flexible. We use our global expertise to deliver local solutions and support our customers wherever they are. Our customer service center provides a responsive and hassle-free communication channel for customers needing help with inquiries, maintenance, product demonstrations and courtesy visits.

Sustainable & quality manufacturing supports all our solutions.
We have invested in state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities to create value and drive better performance in capacity, speed and quality.

2Committed to Sustainability.

Making sustainable office furniture solutions is our corporate commitment and a never-ending journey. We have implemented a comprehensive sustainability program and invested in the people, processes, and tools needed to consistently reduce the environmental impact of our production.

State-of-the art manufacturing
Our state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities and processes are designed to drive sustainability. The roof of our factory features a transparent design to maximize the use of natural light and reduce energy consumption. Our use of automation reduces energy consumption and saves electricity throughout our processes. The factory’s central dust extraction system separates air and powder to filter out powder and particulates, leaving only clean air. Our wastewater filtration system eliminates all wastewater discharges. We also redirect over 4,000 tons of scrap material to recycling plants annually; 90% of which is reused to generate offsite renewable energy.

Sustainable product design
We strive to design our products in a way that reduces their environmental impact throughout their lifecycles. We source and use sustainable materials that move our manufacturing process toward full compliance with all international standards and certifications such as ANSI/BIFMA, Greenguard, and GB that contribute to LEED and WELL points. Most components we use, such as E0 particleboards, steel and aluminum, are 100% recyclable.

Controls across the supply chain
We strictly control all aspects of our supply chain, partnering solely with quality material suppliers able to meet our requirements. We also re-engineered our packaging design to reduce both packaging and transportation waste, and we use recycled materials for packaging.

Environmental & Quality Certifications
• GREENGUARD GOLD Certification
• China Environmental Labeling Product
 (Shihuan) Certification
• China Ecolabelling Certification (CQC)
• ISO 14001 Certification
• ISO 45001 Certification
• ISO 14025 Eco-label Certification
• ISO 9001 Certification

3Co-Creating Innovative Solutions with Customers.

For us a product is never just a product. We know that our customers have insights, opinions and needs that all must be heard to produce a superior solution in the creation of a workplace environment. We utilize three co-creation platforms to engage all stakeholders in a co-creative journey to arrive at the perfect workplace environment.

Collaborative Product Development
We invite our customer’s stakeholders to participate in facilitated workshops to create a rich canvas of ideas, concepts, needs, and desires. With our experience and resources, combined with our customer input, we create 3D simulations, functional prototypes and pricing options that help our customer arrive at a unique and optimized solution for them.

Divergent User Interview
Our knowledgeable design specialists visit our customers’ workplaces to talk to a broad spectrum of users. We ask them what works and what doesn’t in an open divergent interview approach. We listen to their needs and desires. From this we gain a deep understanding of their collective unmet needs and aspirations that fuel our new product development.

Anytime-Anywhere Online Feedback
In today’s world not every stakeholder is comfortable speaking up about their needs and aspirations. By using social media and other online tools we encourage passive stakeholders to become active stakeholders in the co-creation of the perfect workplace solution.

We see our customer as all stakeholders in the co-creation process. Our co-creative platforms put our client in the front seat, driving position on the journey to reach the perfect workplace solution.

4Global Capability Meets Local Excellence.

We expanded our business presence to over 200 service locations across 20 countries in Asia Pacific, Middle East, Africa and America. Locations include all major cities in China and Singapore. Multinational corporate clients rely on our ability to execute their global standards in multiple countries. Customers in these countries receive instant local support and the full benefit of our global expertise.


Where we're from

LAMEX Joins KOKUYO Group and Enters into a New Stage with KOKUYO Furniture China

Japan's KOKUYO Co., Ltd. acquired all the shares of HNI Hong Kong Limited in July 2022. Since then, LAMEX and KOKUYO Furniture China have officially become the same group company and are moving towards a new stage together.

KOKUYO Group Furniture Division has branches in China, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia and other regions. With Asia as the center, KOKUYO promotes the sustainable development of the furniture business on a global scale. China is the most important market in the medium and long-term strategy, for a long time, KOKUYO Group has used the workspace solutions and workstyle research results accumulated in Japan to continuously expand its product line, improve price competitiveness, and continue to explore the Chinese local market.

As a well-known office furniture manufacturing and sales company in Hong Kong, LAMEX has excellent price competitiveness through its own manufacturing facilities in Dongguan. It has rich experience in R&D, production and supply chain management. Over the years, it has good global customer base with high-quality Chinese customers. It is a leading enterprise in China's office furniture industry.

Belonging to the KOKUYO Group, KOKUYO Furniture China will cooperate closely with LAMEX in the future to further strengthen KOKUYO Group's sales, production and supply chain management capabilities for mid-to-high-end target customers and provide Chinese customers with more product choices and better workspace solutions to meet the diverse needs of evolving changes of future workspaces, and to help the long-term development of Chinese enterprises.