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15 December, 2023

Birds | the Beauty of Nature is Found in Dexterity


In the vast nature, birds are undoubtedly very special - the body is streamlined, the bones are light attached with strong muscles, the feathers are colorful. The above make up the amazing body structure. This is the natural inspiration for the Lamex Birds series—combining minimalism with the elegance of natural forms, integrating lightness and flexibility into the design of workplace furniture, and being able to adapt to different environments like a bird swiftly, allowing you to work as easily as a bird flies.



Birds Table | Elegant and Diverse

The natural atmosphere created by Birds table brings unlimited design possibilities and agility to the workplace. Its streamlined shape and slender table legs develop a lightness of gliding in the air, which is simple and elegant.

Birds series draws inspiration from nature, combining aesthetic elements and the dexterous structure of birds to endow the product with powerful functions—designed as a two-part anatomy, the upper part is inspired by the feather tube of a bird, and the hollow structure can conceal and reticulate power cables , making the workplace more tidy. As for the bottom part, you can choose leveling glide or 360 degree turning castors. Just like a bird, it quickly moves and integrates into different environments, creating a more efficient and comfortable workplace experience.

Birds, equipped with neat and practical power management, has round, oblong and rectangular work surfaces with high and low feet, as well as options of different materials and a variety of specifications to meet the needs of different workplace and teams, which brings a unique style and atmosphere to the space.

The simple yet distinctive design of Birds table is also very suitable for modern catering, coffee house and other public leisure areas, developing a sense of freedom and relaxation, and delivering a comfortable experience to guests.

Birds Divider | Free Space, Flexible Division


Just like birds build nests in different places according to their needs, Birds series can not only move easily, but also can be used with Birds divider to create different work and meeting spaces to meet different functional and privacy needs.

The design of Birds Divider is derived from the graceful way birds open and close their wings. Referring to the amazing beauty of bird feathers, the combination of dividers in different colors and materials creates ever-changing visual effects and spices up modern workplace environment.

Birds divider uses a unique hinge, makes the opening and closing angle of the two parts of the divider close to 360°, switch freely from compact to open, and flexibly create different workplace - when you need to concentrate on creative thinking, you can expand the divider, and instantly turn it into a work space with high privacy to reduce external interference. When you need to collaborate and discuss with the team, you can quickly close the divider to make an open space that is conducive to communication, collaboration and innovation. Meanwhile, the divider is equipped with hidden castors, which allows it to move freely in the workplace and "fly" everywhere like a bird, making space division easier.

Flexibility has become an important element of modern workplace. The ingenious design of Birds allows employees to customize the division of workspace freely, creating unlimited possibilities, and meeting the needs of a modern and stylish workplace.