Lamex Virtual Showroom


Welcome to the Lamex Virtual Showroom. In this unlimited and ideal space, Lamex has been inventing and creating the latest workplace solutions. 

Lamex is dedicated to creating evolutional workplace solutions and inspirational workplace. Our virtual showroom shows you the ideal workplace, where you can explore the secrets of different elementary areas in the modern workplace, like collaborative areas, rest areas, focus areas and meeting areas.

Our virtual showrooms have featured functions that allow you to experience the functionality, material and sustainability of our amazing workplace solutions and enrich your experience in our collaborative and inspirational workplace. 


Influenced by wellness and activity-based-work, open space with predominant linear bench evolves to present greater diversity in work settings. Recognizes work styles are varied for different people and work activities are varied through the work day - choice is provided.  

Increased physical activity contributes to wellness. Diverse work settings ensure all tasks and activities are fully supported leading to overall elevation in work performance.


Led by technology and e-commerce companies and enabled by smart devices, the workspace evolves to elevate performance. Mobile elements - desk, screen, multi-media, storage, seats - moves and easily configures, quickly adapting to changing activities/needs, from learning to collaboration to concentrative work. By removing restrictions and encouraging self-initiative - companies seek to improve speed, adaptability and competitiveness.


Enhancing work performance across 3 emerging work ecosystems - resident, active and agile - nooks and hems addresses pain points previously understated and neglected. Nooks are spaces where quiet/privacy are guaranteed - ideal for making phone or video calls, comfortably reviewing/thinking, retreating to recover/recharge. Hems provide infrastructural access to services - power, secured storage, community board - and create wayfinding and serendipitous interaction in work floor plates.

Companies and employees’ continuing preference for enclosed workstations provides perceived safety and supports long work hours and nesting habits. 

There is an opportunity for new generation workstations, as customer fatigue increases with traditional panel solution. With the demands of video conferencing, it also mark an evolutionary step that the integrated VC with improved acoustics facilitate remote collaboration in-station, and integrated sofa amenable to rest/sleep in-station.