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2 February, 2024

Co-Creation | We Realize the Ideas in Your Mind


While ago, "introverted people" and "extroverted people" became hot topics on the Internet, and even spawned new trending memes such as "be the e for i" and "if you meet an e, you will be i". Workplace is also full of people with different personalities and needs. It makes the management of the company think about how to make both "i people" and "e people" use their talents comfortably.

Let Lamex’s professional design team help you! "Co-Creation" has always been an important part of our service.

Co-creation allows users to break away from current choices and create different ideas with Lamex! Our professional design team visits customers' workplaces, has in-depth conversations with users, listens to inspirations and needs, and uses its rich experience and design resources to continuously optimize each co-created product.

Lamex works with customers to develop workplace furniture solutions that are practical, comfortable and meet the preferences.

Lamex's high-quality and professional service has been highly praised by the industry. Recently, we won the Sincere Cooperation Award from Alibaba Group. We will share with you two co-creation products with novel designs below.




Beans wall pad is a practical, smart and innovative product. It’s inspired by commuters who work on trains and often need to stand comfortably while thinking, using their phones and tablets and talking to people. The idea of efficient use of standing space was born from it.

The design of Beans is round and compact, with a curved shape and adjustable back support, which can fully fit the body shape of different users, allowing them to focus on work or collaboration in a comfortable semi-standing posture to achieve ergonomic benefits. It can also effectively utilize the originally empty walls to encourage users to stand and talk more frequently and collaborate in teams without increasing the usable area, making the workplace style healthier and more agile.

Every time you meet colleagues to chat about the progress of the project, but it’s so tiring to hold the laptop or coffee all the time!

Beans' rotatable desk can be retracted or retracted, so you can easily put down your things when you meet a colleague, and easily turn on the socializing expert mode at any time.

If you can't create a proposal, hide in a conference room and think about it alone, but from time to time colleagues will come and ask how long it will take. Beans quietly leaning against the wall allow people to quickly turn on the silent mode, and they can think about how to improve the proposal effectively.

We carefully listen to the actual needs of different customers and jointly create practical and innovative products.


Louvre turning screen is inspired by blinds. Users hope that it can have the function of adjusting audio-visual opening and blocking, have elegant design and interesting features to meet the needs of rapidly changing mixed office spaces and zone separation adjustment requirements.

Louvre's 360° rotatable five-leaf design allows the team to adjust the angle to suit their needs. The open area and closed area can be switched instantly.

Sometimes, we need to hold a quick meeting instantly. Even if the conference room is full, we can immediately close the screen and transform into a "meeting zone" to have the meeting. When the screen in front of the team area is open, it means that cross-team communication is welcome. When the screen is closed, it means that they are focusing on work independently. This is a silent tacit understanding in the office.

No matter introvert or extrovert people, no matter open or private, you can find the perfect area in just one turn.

The workplace of the future is flexible, comfortable and autonomous. "Co-Creation" can help companies to have a deeper understanding of the working status and real needs of employees with different personalities. Their needs are valued and met in a balanced manner, which is reflected in workplace with high satisfaction, sense of belonging and work efficiency.

Both introvert and extrovert people can stretch themselves, stay open, and shine freely here!

Together we will create a new milestone for the innovative workplace furniture industry in the future. Lamex will continue to wholeheartedly create more new workplace solutions for customers, listen to real needs, inspire fresh ideas, and create unlimited possibilities!