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8 December, 2023

Esen | Light of Inspiration, Simple yet Extraordinary


An essential part of everyday life, light is the key energy source for all living organisms, regulating our circadian rhythms and health. Just as a good chair is essential to daily work and life, it provides comfortable seating and support for a healthy and productive life. Bringing energy and vitality like light, Esen task chair, with its free and easy design and excellent functions, brings an incomparable experience, allowing you to feel comfortable and delightful every moment of sitting at work.

As an innovative and fashionable task chair, the lumbar support of Esen's iconic “I-shape” can be adjusted up and down to provide all-round support for the waist, reduce the burden on the back and enhance the personalized sitting experience with exceptional comfort.

Esen task chair offers two choices — headrest and no headrest. The headrest can be adjusted in 3 sections to fit different body shapes, providing the head and neck with an extremely comfortable three-dimensional support. Meanwhile, Esen is also equipped with a tension control adjustment system, which can easily adjust the seat height and armrest position, allowing you to find the most suitable seat angle conveniently, and maintain the correct sitting posture even during long-term work.

Esen features with a mesh backrest design, which is cosy and breathable with a friendly touch, and is elastic to fit the body curve. The cushions are available in a variety of fabrics, and the seat color can be customized according to the style of the enterprise and team, making your workplace more lively and raising a sense of joy during busy work.

Esen is not only a task chair, but more like your thoughtful partner, which can effectively improve work efficiency through agile, flexible and open collaboration. Esen strives to create a relaxed and comfortable work life for you, which helps to promote team interaction, brainstorming and communication, and easily achieves productive teamwork and private focus. Perfect for different workplaces, Esen is the task chair that keeps you motivated, refreshed and energized throughout the day.

In this era full of challenges and opportunities, we believe that Esen will be your good assistant, help you achieve greater success in work, bring you a new office experience, let you spend every day of work with pleasure, and become the light of inspiration in your daily work.