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8 February, 2024

Product | Let’s Get Active Together in Workplace


Hey! Do you ever feel tired of the dull workplace furniture and environment? It’s time to inject a little life and creativity into them!

More and more companies are expressing that they understand the diverse needs of their employees and are committed to enhancing their  well-being and showing their culture by improving their work spaces to meet their unique requirements. Lamex's flexible and sustainable furniture can fill the space with an atmosphere of freedom, allowing employees with different personalities to create harmoniously. Let’s review some of the year’s top picks!

“All-day” healthy furniture

Do you feel more tired after sitting on a seat that doesn't fit your lower back?

Have you been in meetings for a long time and unconsciously huddled in front of the computer?

Want to stand to relax your legs after sitting for a long time?

The ergonomic Avail Go height-adjustable desk and Esen task chair combination is a customer-approved answer, making you feel comfortable while standing and sitting throughout the day!

Are height-adjustable tables a new thing? Avail Go movable height-adjustable desk brings a new vibe to your team! It can easily move around the office at your pace, making up for employees’ problems of sitting for long and lack of exercise throughout the day. It can effectively improve the speed of team collaboration, flexibly switch between focus and collaboration modes, and naturally double work efficiency!

Esen's headrest, lumbar support, height and tension adjust to you: 

Let the furniture adapt to you

There is also Quay power stand, which is designed for innovation and flexibility. It can support both sitting and standing postures and is optionally equipped with movable casters. It can help you easily set up the layout you want and provide convenient and neat power connections. It is also the best partner for movable height-adjustable desk!

You can use it to create stylish, fun and corporate focal areas!

Simple installation, easy combination and massive options

Quay is a great tool that the market recognizes!

Add a little collaboration to your space

Many companies want employees to have more face-to-face interactions in the office, increase collaborative interactions, and build a sense of belonging.

Birds series includes movable round tables, rectangular meeting tables, oval high tables and movable screens, etc., allowing you to combine different functional spaces as needed, making the mixed working mode more interesting and workability, making it popular among members in workplace.

Birds series has become a popular choice among our customers with its minimalist lines and elegant shape. Birds screens effectively reduce noise and allow communication such as video conferencing, group communication or private meetings to take place at any time.


Break the stereotype with a sense of life

Hybrid or flexible workspaces break the limitations of space and employees. The office is no longer a boring place, and employees are no longer working alone.

The soft sitting feel and sufficient support of Coves sofa keep your body relaxed, providing you with an extraordinary working position or a resting place, so that your working style is no longer one-dimensional.

There are also Coves interactive collaboration rooms, movable workstations and movable multimedia racks. These products not only have a stylish appearance, but also have flexible and diverse functions, supporting various work needs with a semi-enclosed product design.

The Coves family can move to your tune too!

Customer reviews reveal that flexible and sustainable furniture can help improve members' physical and mental health, make functional switching quick and easy, encourage team communication and collaboration, and effectively achieve a balance between individual focus and teamwork.

Want to know how smart office space design can help your business? Come and explore smart office design solutions together. Let us use our rich experience and innovative strength to help you create a smart office space that is most suitable for you, meet the needs of your various businesses and members, and continually support your development!