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15 March, 2023

Products | Want to refresh your office a new look? Look over here!


As more people recovered from COVID-19 and return to the office, the fear of the Covid-19 pandemic is reduced, but it does raise questions about the function and definition of workspace. In December 2022, CBRE released China Intergenerational Consumer Survey. According to the survey, 90% of Chinese respondents said they still work predominantly in an office, which is 6% higher than in Asia Pacific and 9% higher than globally. The survey also shows that 81% of respondents in mainland China believe the quality of their work environment is more important than it was before the outbreak, which is 14% higher than in Asia Pacific and 15% higher than globally.


Management and administration are also considering these questions.

Are the current offices meeting the needs of employees and teams?

What kind of office do employees want?

How can we upgrade our offices within a limited budget?

Let's upgrade our offices with new office furniture for the New Year!



Hold employees in quiet place—Lumin

Some companies are adding more benches to accommodate more employees and reduce costs while sound management and space setup for focus working is also important.

Lamex's Lumin is a multi-functional quiet space that allows multiple teams to coexist harmoniously in a single office without disturbing of team communication, video conferencing or personal calls, making open office planning more scientific and enhancing employee satisfaction. Lumin is even more different from traditional meeting rooms that it can foster the growth of a company as a fixed asset.

The survey also mentioned that the three attributes that Chinese respondents mostly look for in an office environment are elements of the office environment (light, sound insulation, air quality, etc.), better quality workspace in terms of design and aesthetic, and space for focus work. Lumin offers different sizes and custom configurations to inspire and meet customer needs, taking into account sound insulation, ventilation, light and design aesthetics. Making employee communication and collaboration easier!

Create a new track for learning and collaboration—Hockey

The survey also tells us that the benefits of efficient work and team communication are attracting employees back to the office. The majority of people's choices reflects that workspace needs to be flexible, efficient and collaborative.

How do you inspire collaboration and productivity? A flexible and convenient office furniture series can help people think out of the box. With mobile elements such as multi-functional training tables, screens and media stands, the Hockey Series encourages users to mix and match as needed, fostering proactive thinking and problem-solving skills so that the way of learning and collaboration are no longer limited to traditional layouts and fixed furniture.

Traditional workspace focuses on providing a place to work, but in today's era only innovation is the key to progress, and the workplace function should transform accordingly. Workplace planning and furniture not only need to have flexibility, but also need to add new technology features and charging functions which can across geographical and spatial distances, so that employees can actively adapt to changes and take the lead.

Love the hustle and bustle of the office—Perch

Although some people believed that working from home had a positive impact on productivity at the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic, differences in living conditions and longer periods of time spending at home can have different negative effects on employees' mental health, well-being ratings, and organizational cohesion.

The important function of the office is to communicate corporate culture.  Companies without an office will be difficult to create a cohesive team, as well as to establish good communication and collaboration between employees. Perch sofas can be used to create a more welcoming and social space in the workspace to listen to the needs of employees. Its gentle shapes with soft and comfortable seating create a harmonious atmosphere that makes employees feel at ease and drives communication and cooperation more comfortable and relaxed.

Each employee is allowed to speak up in different shapes of Perch. That moment is truly something to look forward to when we feel the positive interaction, warmth and care within the office.

The trend of future office will be about collaboration, agility, intelligence, wellness and human-centered. Employees not only need workspace where they can sign in and use computers, but also a better working environment created for them by using scientific space planning, collaborative furniture and smart technology. In the next issue we will continue to share creative office furniture.  Follow us to receive updates at once.

Now is the time to upgrade your office with these products, and feel free to contact us for your customized workspace solution. Lamex supports every company and employee with professionalism, making your journey of innovation being smoother and easier!