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23 February, 2024

Make the World Full of Vitality — Hitachi Vantara Beijing Office


Workspace type:
Work , Private , Meeting , Learning , Collaborative

Project background

Hitachi came to China in the 1960s and became one of the few foreign-funded enterprises to enter the Chinese market early. With the goal of becoming a "trustworthy partner in China", it has carried out a wide range of business activities, paying close attention to environmental protection. By committing to the development and upgrading of energy-saving and emission-reducing social infrastructure systems, as well as the provision and improvement of digital solutions. Hitachi strives to contribute to solving social issues in China and building a sustainable society.

Hitachi believes that the fundamental challenge facing mankind today is to create a "Wellbeing" where people can feel happy every day while protecting the "Planetary Boundaries" of a safe environment for human survival.


These corporate philosophies of Hitachi coincide with Lamex, which has always advocated: flexibly meet customers' rapidly developing business needs, commit to sustainable development, help customers co-create innovative solutions, and achieve local excellence with global capabilities. Developing sustainable office furniture solutions is Lamex’s corporate responsibility and never-ending journey.


Design concept

Hitachi's project was designed by the world-famous M Moser. M Moser conducted an in-depth analysis of Hitachi Vantara's current office location - Building 33, Xiaoyun Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing. It firmly adheres to Hitachi's values: "harmony", " Sincerity" and "entrepreneurial spirit", the design concept of the workplace is placed on the aspects of "full of vitality and ensuring that employees can work happily", in line with Hitachi's hope to achieve a sustainable development society through data and technology, and to be the driver of people's happy life.

Vitality Reception

Nowadays, the intensity of work is getting higher and higher. In order to let employees have a good mood to work in a relaxed and happy way, color and vitality are injected from the front desk area.

Flexible communication

Lamex believes that the communication area must be smooth and open while providing optional privacy functions. A unique Louvre turning screen not only allows customers to control the amount of light entering this space, but also because it is made up of an independent It consists of a unique rotating mechanism and 5 blades that rotate simultaneously, so it can be opened at any angle, reducing noise as needed, and providing a sense of privacy at the boundaries of communication areas.

The shell-like appearance and the color variations between the 5 screen leaves give it a gentle sense of fun. The combination of calm black and smart and elegant blue Array chairs gives this space a logical thinking of management and a sense of mission of integrity and fairness. Witnessing the space layout and product installation that are all-roundly considered for customers. It is easy to imagine how smooth, comfortable, and efficient the communication between them is.

Happy Working

Lamex believes that as the workplace environment continues to change, more employees want to stand and work for a short period of time after meals or after sitting for a long time, which can not only relieve work stress but also promote physical health. So switching to sitting and standing postures with Avail height-adjustable desks(HAD) can effectively improve employees’ satisfaction in the working space, thereby promoting employees’ physical and mental health. Employees can easily and freely switch between sitting and standing postures, which of course can improve productivity in a better way.

In the supervisor's office, we also hope to allow supervisors to freely choose to sit and stand alternately to work with ease, in a mode suitable for long-term work, and to create high efficiency for Hitachi. Therefore, Avail HAD is used to support a variety of different working modes and postures.


Convenient training

Lamex hopes that the training space can also provide the speed and flexibility of the workplace, so Hockey series is used to give full play to speed and agility. Regardless of one-on-one interviews, one-to-many, or even training for more than ten people, Hockey training tables can be connected to each other in just a few seconds with the help of the intuitive "sliding connection" function. The sporty appearance, slender and light legs, and high-quality ring-shaped casters make it smoother for sliding and splicing on the ground. Any training can be quickly combined into the most suitable combination in a short time.

Common concepts

Just as Hitachi's corporate philosophy "contributes to society through excellent independent technology and product development, provides solutions to increasingly complex social issues around the world, and promotes social innovation." Lamex provides customers with more freedom to choose how to work. Right, how, when or where to work, and how to help perform different kinds of work more efficiently, are all realized here. In the past, present and future, Lamex is willing to work with Hitachi and other outstanding companies around the world to make the world full of vitality!