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6 November, 2020

The Sandlake Fund Town

Finance , Other Sectors

Workspace type:
Work , Meeting , Collaborative

Products used in this project:
Perch , Meta , Sven , Commons , Please , Avail Bench , Ease

The Sandlake Fund Town is located in the Eastern region of Suzhou Industrial Park, with the overall size of 3.96 square kilometres. The Sandlake Fund Town is located at the core area of Yagngtze River Delta Economic Zone, next to Shanghai World Financial Center and Jinji Lake CBD Area, dedicated to build a unique fund industry chain and new China fund base.

The Fund Town is designed to have a dynamic workplace environment, allowing people to switch freely between personal tasks and collaborative works. The Playces collection by Lamex helps to achieve it. Given the WIFI, wireless technologies, cloud storage, we can work everywhere and anytime, and work and leisure boundaries are blurred.

Playces collection is created to work purposely everywhere like home, hotel and airport lounge , café or restaurants, and our evolving office.  In the workplace, Playces supports our changing ways of working in a work, play and rest continuum.

01 Working Area

Focus Works and Collaboration

Sometimes, people may find it difficult to focus on work in a public area. Similarly, teams may also need to have a meeting without being disturbed at all. Nowadays, people not only need to prepare for high-intensity work, but also need mobile working and efficient collaboration.

The Avail Bench with frameless desktop screen by Lamex helps people to switch between focus work and team collaboration. The workstation equipped with Ease ergonomic chair which blends with stylish and simple design, with comfortable back spine support and breathable mesh back. Setting inside the room can effectively block interference for their own work and team collaboration.

For meeting purposes, Ingage conference table equipped with modern audio and video equipments is used t for video conferencing, providing a high level of interactive experience.

02 Social Area

Collaboration and Rest

Socialized collaboration has emerged as the most important way of working. The Playces collection by Lamex is designed for better communication and collaboration. Its uniquely design supports our changing ways of working in a work, play and rest continuum.

Commons High Table, unlike traditional pantry, is like a bar table which provides an efficient collaborative communication platform. It is equipped with 4 wireless charging points, 12 USB charging slots and 2 sets of sockets. With the Please high chair, people can chit chat and have a coffee break right here!

The Collaborative Area in the Fund Town can gather family and team members. Cocoon sofa and Astrid Lounge Chair provide extraordinary comfort for people. When it all comes together, it keeps people active and willing to work in the workplace.

03 Rest Area

Relax and Recharge

Only Work Area and Collaborative Area are not sufficient in the modern workplace. They also need a place to rest properly and relieve work pressure and replenish energy. 

Sitting on Sven lounge chair with its special shape design makes you feels like being embraced and provides a sense of privacy where you can enjoy your favourite music and rest. Surrounds acoustic panel is a combination of functions and styles, while it provides a high level of privacy and different configurations which is suitable for open collaborative area, leisure areas and visitor areas.

The Fund Town derives different industries. In this project, Lamex considered its diverse needs, put forward Playces collection, and rationally planned the layout of the workplace.  It is dedicated to create a neighborhood community where people can switch easily and freely in the form of work, play and rest.  The workplace will become a wonderful combination of office, café, hotel and lounge where foster thriving work communities.