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20 September, 2021

The Twin Tower - Leeza SOHO


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The New Landmark

Leeza SOHO, also known as Li Ze Tower, is a Skyscraper located in the Lize Financial Business District in Beijing, China. It is designed by the legendary architect – Ms. Zaha Hadid. The total volume of steel used for this skyscraper reaches eighteen thousand tons, which is equal to the volume of two and half of Eiffel Tower. Leeze SOHO is a 45 storeys tower with 4 underground floors, and it is a 5A-class commercial building in Beijing. The tower’s design divides its volume into two halves enclosed by a single facade shell. The emerging space between these two halves extends the full height of the tower, creating the world’s tallest atrium at 194.15m which rotates through the building as the tower rises to realign the upper floors with Lize road to the north. As a new landmark for the “Smart” community, Leeza SOHO advocates the comprehensive “Smart Management System” to manage all property services.

Through the breathtaking hall

This is a common area where people see each other in the morning. Sunlight through the breathtaking atrium into the corridors, it represents a beautiful beginning of our days.

The Energy Flow

In this era of informative technologies, our lives and works have been changed and improved dramatically. Lives and works have been merged together with the advancement of technologies. Along with the latest technological strategies like Internet of things and cloud management, companies analyze the big data of employees to identify their user pattern in a workplace in order to save unnecessary costs, maximize the space use, and drive for greater productivity.

Versatile Bench leads to an active space

Most workstations have already become an open work bench, which allows employees to maximize the space use to suit their lives and works. In the open workplace, they are encouraged to communicate and collaborate. Lamex’s Avail work bench is featured with clean style, which is easy to match with different interior styles, and easy to create a collaborative area for people to interact and share. With the quick and easy installation of panels, we can easily set up the most suitable layout for different tasks and activities.

The Height-Adjustable Desk for all

Our height-adjustable desk (HAD) can be customized different users. The HAD is W1600*D700*H645-1205, which is able to satisfy most users. The material used is E0–class MFC, panel with metal frame and fabric cover and a metal stand. Each HAD is equipped with pedestal for personal storage.

Easy to reserve for meetings

With the assistance of technology, we can easily register and reserve for any meeting. The conference table of simplicity style is the interactive result with the interior design. Under the touch of sunlight, the conference table becomes the elegant highlight of the area.

We can work, share and live in this beautiful and comfortable workplace. So, why not find Lamex to renovate your workplace? 

Design Team: MMoser
Location: Leeza SOHO, Beijing, China
Number of employees3,500
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