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26 July, 2023

CLP | Multi Experiential and Agile Workplace

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If you enjoy watching movies, the Best Picture winner at this year's Academy Awards, "Everything Everywhere All at Once", is sure to inspire thoughts of the multiverse. Although we may not be able to explore the multiverse just yet, we can create a "diverse" workplace!

In today's business environment, the inability to adapt changes quickly can lead to loss of competitiveness for both individuals and companies. Understanding the importance of an agile and diverse workspace can effectively encourage employees to be proactive and innovative, responding to and seeking changes along with company.

Agility, interaction, collaboration, and diversity have always been popular elements in workspace design.  It has revolutionized the way people think about work.  CLP Group incorporated these elements into the renovation of its Hong Kong headquarters to create an efficient workplace that embraces flexible work modes and encourages iterative thinking to complete tasks.  Let's take a look at three of the brilliant ideas implemented in this project!

Flexible & Autonomous

In order to attract talent and meet the increasing expectations of employees for their workplace, CLP provides employees with a flexible working system. Employees can work flexibly and choose their own work location, which helps them balance work and life better, thereby increasing their happiness, autonomy and work efficiency.  In response to CLP's needs, Lamex has provided an agile workplace that accommodates the diverse needs of teams.  Whether it's brainstorming, private meetings, quiet relaxation or focused work, there is a suitable space for everyone.

In fact, many companies have adopted agile working styles.  According to JLL's "Global Corporate Real Estate Trends 2023" report, 56% of companies consider implementing hybrid work models as one of their corporate real estate strategy priorities for the next three years to enhance their agility and flexibility.


By transforming the office space, CLP not only provides a new space for the teams, but also empowers employees to decide where they work, which can improve productivity and efficiency while increasing employee satisfaction.


Employees are increasingly focused on their office experience, desiring a sense of belonging and a fun workplace. Especially with Generation Z entering into the workforce, they have accelerated the development of diverse workplaces. The beauty of a diverse workspace is that it provides employees with a variety of options, flexibility and adaptability, thereby enhancing their diversity in experiences.

Agile space planning and flexible furniture replace traditional office cubicles, providing teams with a versatile and collaborative open space.  This space is like a switchable "diverse office," with various furniture configurations set up according to the company's collaborative needs and people's work habits.

Fifteen minutes ago, you and your team are busy preparing for proposal at the Coves workstation individually.  

Fifteen minutes later, you and your team unlock the castors of the Coves workstation, and form a brainstorming area to share ideas and polished the proposal.

During lunchtime, you leisurely enjoy a light lunch in the lounge area created by the Birds casual table and Capsule coffee chairs.

In the blink of an eye, you and your team are presenting proposals to clients in the Lumin quiet cabin.

At the end of a busy day, you open the Privi locker and grab your bag to get out of work. Whatever the office needs is, there is always a suitable space for it.


The open and diverse headquarters renovation project removes barriers between spaces.  Employees can quickly switch between different work scenarios and work modes according to their needs, supporting bold innovation. This allows teams to actively face challenges and adapt to the rapidly changing future with a flexible mindset.


Embrace Change

The more adaptable the workspace, the stronger the team's ability to respond to changes and adapt to different environments like chameleons. This helps employees to cultivate a dynamic and efficient mindset that can keep the company in a leading position in the face of business changes. This is also a way to keep the team motivated and competitive without additional costs.

In today's world, people face a vast amount of information and different work tasks every day. It is crucial to have a workspace that allows for freely switching between different work scenarios.  CLP supports employees by providing open and connected spaces, comfortable and movable furniture, and diverse combinations that can accommodate everyone's different work styles. This allows employees to quickly undertake various work tasks and adapt to changes in the versatile space.

Empowering limited space with multiple functional attributes.

Adopting active work modes to respond to evolving future developments. 

In the ever-changing business market, just as companies and employees need to innovate themselves, workspaces also need to be transformed. The renovation of existing workspaces is an inspiring investment in practicing sustainable development principles. Lamex is also constantly innovating its products by incorporating smart technology into office furniture, providing more convenience and adapting to the diverse, efficient, and intelligent development trends.

Lamex is committed to working with customers to create more diverse workspaces like CLP's Hong Kong headquarters that bring convenience and pleasure, inspire people to unleash their potential, and promote interaction, collaboration, and co-creation. This is also the trend of future workspace planning!

Weaving flexible spaces with diversity.

Inspire teamwork with agility.