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28 April, 2024

Embrace Diversity, Keep It Real and Fashionable – Project for Workplace of Haihua Group

Manufacturing , Property Development

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Work , Private , Meeting

About Haihua

"Haihua Group" was founded in 2000. It is an enterprise management group mainly engaged in investment, acquisition, and holding. It has a few wholly owned enterprises in various fields such as clothing brands, real estate development, financial securities, hotels, culture and education, and catering. And its holding subsidiaries, mainly engaged in many well-known domestic and international clothing brands such as Goldlion and CROWN, commercial real estate, five-star hotel management and fund investment projects.

In the field of fashion apparel brands operated by "Haihua Group", it has been rated as "No.1 in National Market Share" and "Consumers' Favorite Brand" by authoritative departments such as the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology for many years.



Open to the World, Persist in Fashion

"Embrace international brands, jointly creating a glorious chapter of fashion" is the tireless pursuit of Haihua Group. Although as a large-scale comprehensive enterprise management group, it is usually constrained by many obstacles, Haihua has always insisted on being in line with international standards and maintaining tolerant of all, leading the fashion trend.


Therefore, Haihua Group has been injecting new connotations into brands such as Goldlion and evolving its own style that is constantly improving based on the changes in modern fashion and urban men and women over the years.


Big but not sluggish, yet fashionable and light


Since the Haihua office project has a large space and many departments, in order to match the grand and bright features of the building and space, innovative workplace furniture products such as Lamex's administrative office desks and multi-functional workstations are used to ensure the large number of people within the group. On the basis that all employees can carry out their work smoothly, we create a concise, light and efficient working atmosphere, and are committed to building a pleasing, relaxed and enjoyable office environment.

Executive space, Eastern aesthetics

Haihua's urban heritage design stands out among its peers in the crisscrossing city vision. It is a perfect example of integrating contemporary oriental aesthetics and international fashion. Therefore, Landmark and Ingage series products are used to create Haihua's executive space, of which Landmark draws on the beauty of the city. The majestic city skyline is a symbol of world fashion charm, and the classic combination of wood grain and black perfectly fits Haihua's oriental aesthetic style.

Landmark's design is inspired by the interweaving of dots and lines in the urban landscape. At the same time, as an executive office furniture series, it carries the vision of a better future for the city. Here, the pulsating urban landscape inspires vitality in the office space, delivering passion and dreams for business leaders.

As office space becomes compact, driven by the trend toward flattening of management and modernization of leadership styles, it is necessary to provide a diverse set of activity settings for managing one's own teams, thereby promoting the ability of managers to be more active in every work day, stretching the body, so Ingage height-adjustable desk was used here, which is equipped with extensive height-adjustment settings, cable management and silent system, providing stable, quiet and a high-quality workplace experience.

Employee workstations: simple and stylish

Lamex hopes that Haihua's workplace will be a dynamic and fashionable space. So Lamex chooses diversified combinations such as Avail bench and Greenland green panel from a series of new elements to perfectly create a warm, pleasant and beautiful office environment. The essence of the fusion of performance and flexibility, it can effectively improve employee work efficiency, create a fashionable space that supports personal growth and business development, and achieve a further leap in company efficiency.

Meeting space, solemn and atmospheric

In a large group like Haihua, establishing a formal meeting environment is an important part. Lamex's unique Majesty series is made with exquisite craftsmanship and has a unique temperament, creating a professional, solemn and tasteful conference atmosphere for Haihua. Because of its original design and fine details, Majesty is both ergonomic and aesthetically pleasing. The smooth and elegant lines on the conference table and the powerful cable management make the intelligent Grande series noble and elegant, and also allow participants to configure various hardware as they wish to meet different needs.

Embrace diversity,keep it real and fashionable

As the philosophy of Haihua Group says, the corporate’s big picture is the mindset of embracing the world. Lamex's creation of a pleasing workspace will help colleagues in Haihua work in a happier mood and improve productivity. Lamex believes that if they have workplace that they enjoy, they will be more actively engaged in their work and create higher value for Haihua's business development.