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1 April, 2024

Equality and Understanding - Workplace of Xylem Shanghai

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About Xylem

As one of the world's leading water technology companies with a world-renowned brand, Xylem is committed to "Let’s Solve Water" by creating innovative and smart technology solutions to meet the global demand for water, wastewater and energy. It has been for decades serving the water resources market, its products are sold to more than 150 countries.

Water is the source of life and supports the balance of various ecosystems. Xylem believes that water challenges around the world are escalating, with the future of communities, the environment and humanity at stake. By 2025, 1.8 billion people will live in countries and regions with severe water shortages. As a century-old brand, Xylem is committed to helping customers solve the world's most severe water challenges through innovative products, services and solutions based on technology and expertise. We hope to work with customers to make water more accessible and affordable, make communities more resilient, and jointly create a world with safer and more sustainable water resources.

Realize Values

Xylem Shanghai is in The Place in the urban area. Lamex is so honored to be chosen as its new workspace partner.

Xylem's values are mutual respect, conscientiousness, integrity and innovation. To implement these values ​​in corporate office spaces, Lamex strives to create an equality, vitality, fashion, and Innovative workspace.

Respect, Equality and Smooth Communication

By combining Avail desks with screens and equipped with tailored made office accessories, Lamex embodies the values of equality and mutual respect to the greatest extent while providing appropriate privacy protection. It helps employees improve work efficiency and makes the workplace experience more enjoyable and builds an excellent teamwork with sustainable development.

Pleasure Sharing, Agile Working

Shared space is an important area that encourages communication and collaboration among employees. This project fully implements the concepts of "neighborhood" and "Playces" advocated by Lamexcreating an equal and smooth communication space where employees are neighbors, and through perfect plan and match Lamex's leisure office furniture to build the workplace into a community and home-like. It meets employees' needs for the working environment, enhances personal participation and group belonging, and builds humane, sustainable, interactive and creative communities.


Various Forms, Designed as Needed

Advocate for an agile office model based on work needs and provide employees with an environment where they can share a variety of work facilities, so that the working environment can support different types of work activities, create an office space with more intelligent content and optimal allocation of resources. Whether it is for meetings, interviews, training or learning needs, Lamex's multi-function products, such as Hockey, can be quickly and flexibly matched to create an workplace that best suits Xylem.

Mutual Respect, Private Space

Considering that some work requires privacy, sound insulation and space partitioning must be able to fully meet the various environmental needs of employees when dealing with private matters or confidential work.

Equality and Understanding

Based on the concepts of innovation and sustainable development, Xylem and Lamex have the same goals and are committed to helping customers solve their needs through innovative products, services and solutions based on technology and professional knowledge. In Xylem's Shanghai office, as the famous saying in the Tao Te Ching points out, "The best is like water", like the character of water, it embodies many noble qualities such as equality, tolerance, smooth flow, and continuous innovation. I believe that in the future, if there are more excellent companies which become greater, it will create a better world!