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21 April, 2022

Huawei in Jinan | The emergence of history, future and innovation

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Shangdong is a historical area for the origin of Chinese culture, which is also the origin of Confucianism. The famous Confucian like KongZi, MengZi, the founder of Mohism – MoZi, and the famous General – WuQi, were born in ancient city – The Kingdom of Lu. And the Kingdom of Lu was the ancient name of Shangdong.

The China Life Tower in Jinan is located in the CBD of Jinan, surrounded by a well-developed network of social facilities and financial business area. This area becomes the ecosystem of Finance and Technologies headquarters, while giving birth to many leading corporates, TOP 500 companies, headquarters of listed companies, and many professional industries. And the China Life Tower is now a remarkable landmark of architecture.

The building is shaped like a mountain with the inclined surface projecting the sensation of water flow.  The atrium is between the two peaks is illustrating the beauty of Chinese lotus flower. The design of the whole architecture is the expression of the perfect integration of natural landscapes and humanities and arts by using Mountains, Springs, Lotus and Willows as symbolic languages, illustrating the Chinese peaceful spirit.

The workplace of Huawei Jinan is actually the design and collaboration of an international design firm – AGIA Group, and the leader of workplace solution – Lamex. They work together for environmental designs, modern workplace layouts and the provision of quality workplace solutions, to create a legendary design of history, future and innovation

From the ancient to the modern world, people always live together as a group and a community. The general design of this Huawei Centre is using the graceful curves and scales to illustrate the Chinese concept of family and neighborhood.  

The main business concept of Huawei is to provide quality and yet affordable products and services to the public, which is aligned with the philosophy of Lamex – Leading into a smart future. More than just a provider of quality workplace furniture, Lamex is an advocator and committed to improving the daily working environment of employees. At the same time, Lamex upholds its beliefs and business practices that coexist with business efficiency and ethics, creating an inspiring, sustainable and efficient working environment for customer.

The reception area is designed to symbolize the elegance of Chinese culture. While the work area is designed to be the soul of the of the workplace. Avail Bench Solution featuring flexible configuration and the smart wiring system is selected to create an effective work environment for employees.

Using the Avail Bench Solution, people can gather to share, work and collaborate in such a “surrounding” working environment. Lamex here provides Huawei with an open and friendly atmosphere, where everyone can communicate and collaborate easily.

The Avail Panel System and Avail Storage System create an efficient area by providing easy access to files and other equipment for employees. It can be easily and quickly assembled or reset, even while the work area at the other end is being used.

From the interior to the exterior, the workplace showcases the beauty of community development. The training and meeting environments for small group discussion, brainstorming, seminar and conference require dynamic adaptability. To cope with the various needs of Huawei, the Limber series of training furniture can flexibly set up different configurations for different meetings. 

In addition, the entire workplace uses lots of “bamboo” element to connect people with the Chinese culture. The appearances of Lamex MCG lockers align with the facades of the design style, integrating functionality and convenience for employees.

The Huawei Center in Jinan is like a perfect collaboration between Huawei and Lamex. The design team of AGIA make use of green designs, sustainable technologies and application to create smart designs and workplace. Together with Lamex, a perfect workplace is created for Huawei to develop their business network advantage and global operation capabilities, and is committed to bringing the latest technology to customers over the world.