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2 June, 2023

Lamex and Kokuyo Team Up to Create an ABW Workplace

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Work , Meeting , Collaborative

Project Concept

In the highly competitive world where the speed of innovation is the key to success, Lamex and Kokuyo jointly believe that creating a dynamic Neighborhoods Workplace where providing diverse working experiences for employees and fostering continuous business growth is essential. Both parties team up to put this philosophy into practice to create ABW workplace for a renowned Fortune 500 company.

Both Lamex and Kokuyo share the concept of creating flexible workspaces that adapt to the specific needs and office attributes of their client. The two parties have synergized their new ideas on working models into the plan, using the unique features of their respective products to offer customer an enriched and more experiential range of solutions.


Project Journey

In this project, Lamex and Kokuyo design and service teams have worked closely with the client to develop the layout plan, engaging in a friendly and productive brainstorming process. Thereafter, Kokuyo is responsible for the functional office furniture, while Lamex is responsible for the collaborative and meeting furniture. If the client has any needs regarding space design or construction, Kokuyo can also provide solutions. Both teams have worked together in unity and strive to leverage their respective strengths to present an excellent result.  Let’s take a look how the workplace ensures a healthy work-life balance and employee well-being.


Social Meeting Space

This area with a focus on lively and colorful products is undertaken by Lamex.  It provides a space not only serving as waiting areas but also as for causal communication. At the same time, the space fully conveys the corporate spirit and brand image.

Work Area

This part is important.  Kokuyo has dedicated a tremendous effort to offering functional products. Arch desks are used with the flexibility in terms of choosing whether to join the desks seamlessly, allowing for different desk combinations based on the client's needs. Complemented by the patented concealed wiring system, it ensures a clean and tidy conventional work area.  The Airfort chairs with the outstanding air lumbar support and other thoughtful features are adopted, which reflect the organizational culture and corporate responsibility of focusing on the health of employees.

Shared Space

For individuals who do not often work in the office but require a short period of work or brief stay in the office before and after meetings, Lamex provides them with a comfortable space that allows for easy work and timely information sharing and reporting functionalities.

Quiet and Focus Work Space

For individuals who require a focused work environment or need to engage in deep thinking, Lamex has created private workspaces that are free from distractions and minimize communication with others, ensuring a workspace that caters to individual needs.

Storage Space

Kokuyo has provided customer with the Softrage series storage system, which has a sleek, clean, and elegant appearance that aligns with the overall space design concept. The cabinets are equipped with top-of-the-line stationery products from Kokuyo, which includes a range of stationery bags, making it a thoughtful tool for employees. Additionally, the cabinet designed with envelope opening is a user-friendly feature that allows employees to easily and quickly store small items such as documents and receipts into the cabinets. Overall, this storage system is a perfect fit for any office looking to enhance its functionality and aesthetics.

Park and Plaza Style Office Space

This area is designed by Lamex to provide a multi-functional and spacious gathering place that resembles a city public space or library. It can be adapted to meet the varying needs of individuals and used for a range of activities, such as conducting company-wide training sessions or organizing different events to enhance communication and interaction among colleagues.

Meeting Space

The meeting space is also a significant focus of this project, which was collaboratively designed by Lamex and Kokuyo to submit and discuss the most suitable products for this type of office space. Both parties tried various combinations and arrangements while adhering to a style characterized by spaciousness, lightness, and simplicity. The final presentation of this space aims to convey a high standard of office culture to all participants, hoping to spark intelligent ideas and create a solid strategic foundation for current and future business practices.

Employee Leisure Area

This is a beloved space for employees.  Lamex provides lively and enjoyable furniture with functions for working, dining, resting and exercise. By fostering informal communication and information sharing, this space boosts employees' sense of belonging and happiness, thereby increasing their loyalty to the company and unleashing more of their abilities and value.

Project Overview

Lamex and Kokuyo team up to create an ABW workplace that includes the core elements of humanization, collaboration, co-creation, and healthy community, offering a unique and diverse experience exclusively for the client.  Thereby, the culture and interactive communication significantly enhance personal and organizational cohesion. The workplace ensures a healthy work-life balance and employee well-being.

As work styles continue to evolve with the times, many Fortune 500 companies have introduced the ABW work model. In fact, the three elements of organization (company), space (office), and participants (employees) are interdependent and indispensable in their overall composition.  Lamex and Kokuyo share a common philosophy and strive to offer perfect office furniture solutions for clients to achieve unique advantages that cannot be obtained in other spaces. This reflects the innovative and distinctive features of Lamex & Kokuyo workspace solutions, allowing anyone to freely create and unleash their personality at any time. This collaborative and synergistic approach is truly forward-looking and marks a new era of space management in ABW office environments. We look forward to serving more unique clients through this new model of collaboration and mutual expertise.