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21 September, 2021

The latest workplace design of the medical corporate

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With the rising demands for quality and safe vaccinations, the development of medical companies is soaring. Lots of countries are now providing different incentives and motivations for medical companies to develop the effective and convenient vaccination solutions. However, the development of vaccination is by far a complicated process of innovation and exploration. It always makes these companies to spend lots of effort to recruit the best and professional talents and teams. Besides the extensive professional knowledge, mostly, the best candidates should also have the skills of leadership and creativity.

Developing the leadership and creativity of employees always gets our attention in the modern workplace designs. Not only a comprehensive development program, the workplace design also helps motivate employees for greater leadership and creativity. Lamex is the leader in the world of workplace solution, who invents and designs different types of modern workplaces with innovative office furniture. One of their latest and popular workplace solutions is the collaborative solution in which people will be inspired for communication and collaboration.

01 The swift of focus works and collaborative works

As a member of the working group, we all understand the importance of a focus work area.  This project has a quality focus work area created by Lamex’s Avail Open Office Solution. The Avail bench with semi-panel is designed to foster communication among employees without compromising their privacy. 

Along the two sides of personal work area, there is a collaborative area for quick meeting, small training activities and quick rests, which is comprised of Meta collaborative sofas and This and That One coffee table.

On the other side of the collaborative area, there are Meta Octagonal sofa, Meta sofa and coffee table, to create another perfect place for small group meetings and team works.

02 Meeting: multi-people and yet casual

There is an open and color-themed area in the center of the workplace. We put Brunch meeting table and Please chair under the featured ceiling. This area is designed for multi-people meeting in a relatively relaxing way, while this type of meeting is aimed at brain-storming for new and creative solutions. With the relaxing ambience, this area is also an ideal place for rests.

In the private meeting area, we can see the combination of Allsteel #19 executive chair and Grande conference table, which together creates a quality conference area for different types of conferences.

Online meeting has recently become a new meeting way. The Tria conference table is equipped with multi-media technologies to create multi-media area, which allows employees to connect with the world 24/7.

03 Collaboration leads to Innovation.

There are lots of collaborative areas of different scales. It is aimed at motivating all employees and teams to communicate and collaborate.

It is a dynamic rest area of Meta sofa for quick meeting. We put Commons high table and Please stool next to the windows to allow people to do focus works and rest. On the other side, there is a semi-open meeting area, which is comprised of Meta sofa, Perch sofa and coffee tables to create a relaxing and yet private meeting area. This design of a collaborative area maximizes the space use and functions of the areas.

There is another mega collaborative area in the building to foster communications and collaborations throughout the workplace. Perch sofa, Sven lounge chair, Please chair, Commons high table, Brunch coffee table and This and That One coffee table are available in this dynamic area. This area is designed for lots of different activities, like quick meeting, presentation, and rest.

04 Training empowers innovations.

Medical and scientific innovations are always based on developments and improvements of the current technologies. It makes companies to recognize the importance of providing regular training for employees to support their product and corporate developments. To ensure the personal development of employees and so the corporate developments of the companies, employees should be provided with different type of regular training for continued innovation within the organization.

This building is designed to have lots of training areas to cope with the needs for training and seminars. In these training areas, we arrange Limber table and Limber multi-purpose chair, which is able to provide different settings for different trainings. When the Hockey training table meets with the Limber multi-purpose chair, the flexible connection and versatility of hockey allows quick swifts between different settings for active trainings.

To conclude, many modern companies have already made use of collaborative workplace designs to foster their employees to think outside-the-box. They aim at creating more innovative solutions to create extra corporate advantage to fuel the corporate developments in the competitive market. It now seems to be the unstoppable workplace trend to ride.