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6 June, 2024

Vital Group | Office walk! Take a Look at the New Office of the Technology Group!

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In the ever-changing market and design trends, how can we create an office space that is not outdated? The answer may be that it is intertwined with corporate culture. Only an office space that guarantees functionality and aesthetics can keep up with the pace of corporate development.


Vital Technology Group, which won the top 500 manufacturing enterprises in China last year, started thriving at the beginning of 2024 ——its subsidiary Kunming new branch opened grandly, providing rich raw material resources and a complete industrial chain for the group's high-quality development, as an important center for the Southeast Asia.


What is the office of the world's largest and most complete rare metal material technology company?


Let's reveal it right away!

Mutual respect and innovation

Conference Space


The conference area is designed to create a thoughtful, respectful and innovative space. The ample natural light and unique furniture combination help to enhance the attention of the participants, making the space exude a focused and gentle atmosphere.

The customized 12-meter The One conference table brings people together. Each elegant curve is hand-polished by craftsmen through multiple processes to ensure that every exquisite detail is perfectly presented.

These pursuits also echo the craftsmanship of Vital Group, which has been cultivating the vertical integration of pan-semiconductor high-end materials, components and systems since 1995 and has become a global leader.


Comet conference table has smooth lines and elegant shapes. It balances the wooden tabletop with metal legs, responds to people's needs for being close to nature and brings fluidity to the space with its neat design. Even more, it encourages the free expression of creativity, the equal exchange of ideas, and the joint promotion of scientific research progress.

Rhythm executive chair provides good support and comfort, ensuring lasting support even during long meetings and discussions.

Different types of meeting spaces are located throughout the building to meet members' different needs for work communication.

Perseverance and strategizing

Executive Space


The One executive series has pragmatic tones, with agile and extraordinary designs that interweave straight and curved lines, highlighting management’s tenacious and pragmatic qualities and pioneering spirit. It also helps decision-makers cope with the challenges brought by the ever-changing business world and heavy affairs with its excellent quality. Management bravely reaches one peak after another, and leads the company to grow and create brilliance with the support of The One.

The combination of The One executive table, Rhythm executive chair and Landing sofa improves the comfort and diversity of the use of executive space. During focused work period, the elegant and extraordinary shape of The One executive table cleverly stores power supplies, documents and utensils, making the work desk orderly and able to handle affairs more efficiently. The large and soft design of Rhythm executive chair provides decision makers with long-lasting fit support. During the meeting, Landing sofa can not only provide comfortable sitting for managers, visitors and teams, but also allow managers to easily switch from brainstorming/team communication to visitor reception, focused creation or rest thinking.

Convenient power devices are stored in the exquisite and elegant sliding panel, so that power connections are always within reach.

Unique file storage cabinets, cleverly designed, can be disassembled freely, efficient and flexible.

Built-in hidden chargers or imitation leather wireless chargers installed on the table can provide electronic charge for mobile phones and other devices.

Envolve executive desks and Rhythm executive chairs in light khaki tones liven up the space atmosphere with gentle colors to relieve work pressure.

Efficient collaboration and encouraging communication

Open Space


The soothing and bright tones interweave with the open space to create a rhythm of efficient innovation and collaboration for Vital Group new office in Kumming. The neat Born bench with warm white color helps promote communication and teamwork among members. The excellent cable management can avoid entanglement of cables, keep the workstations clean and efficient, and make the space look bright and spacious.

The ergonomic Esen chair can provide members with just the right support, allowing them to embrace work and communication in a comfortable posture and a peaceful mindset. The open space that is full of creativity is presented leisurely and supports collaborative interaction.

This workplace allows us to see the thoughtful, respectful and innovative thinking of Vital Group’s corporate culture. It also comes with how Lamex helps Vital inject respect, collaboration, tenacity and creativity into the space. Here we ensure that members feel joyful and motivated in the working environment, face the ever-changing market demands in a better way.  Last but not least, Vital members fulfill the mission of empowering the world with material technology and achieve a better life!

We are very honored to have worked together to create this amazing, efficient and comfortable working space. As 2024 begins, we will turn more possibilities into better office spaces!

You are also welcome to share your corporate culture and vision with us and let us make 2024 more exciting!