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3 January, 2022

YUEKAI Securities | Creates Sustainability


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China has become the second largest economy. With the enormous economic potential, the economic development and financial market of China have been focused by global investors. In today’s project sharing, we will focus on a local and historical securities giant – YUEKAI Securities.

YUEKAI Securities was established in 1988. Until today, they have more than 80 subsidiary companies and organizations, and become one of the giants in the market by providing various quality financial services. It is now making the important contributions to the development of China’s capital market and economy.

YUEKAI Securities recently establish a Guangdong business center in Nanyue Mingzhu, which is located in Zhujiang New Town, the CBD in Guangzhou. This multifunctional business center is positioned to provide comprehensive financial services for local citizens and other people in the Greater Bay Area. Its spacing planning is created to satisfy the needs for a future workplace with sustainable development mindset, and to create an effective and dynamic workplace for their employees.

The blend of Effectiveness and Dynamics

Affinity is one of the key words in sustainable workplace design. The natural touch of wood of Brunch collaborative table and Please chair recalls our desire for a natural environment. The colour choices of Landing sofa, Sven lounge chair and Colony coffee table relieve people from work pressure. The relaxed and comfortable interiors are designed to bring people closer to one another and express their care for employees.

Not only the breathing-taking river view of Zhujiang or the photo-taking spots will make our workplace a future workplace, but also empowering space with functionality will play an important role. A reception area in this business center is more than just welcoming guests. It is now a dynamic area for business, activities, works, learning and rest, which fosters communication, collaboration and creativity within the organization.

The business center is positioned as the center of securities industry in region. Many industrial events like seminars and conferences will be held in the business center to provide more innovative and value-added services to its customers and partners. With the effective workplace solutions by Lamex, it is able to switch the venue for different occasions, and to support the sustainable developments of the organization.

Limber Table and Venus Training Chair are designed for mobility and dynamics. They can easily and quickly switch for different occasions and be stored easily. With the support of Smart Conference Technology, employees can organize different online conferences, seminars and training at ease. It also helps HR and admin department save cost by running in-house events. 

The Lamex Workplace Solution also helps client create different conference and training spaces of different sizes. The Hockey table and Lyric multipurpose chair provide mobility for the conferencing and training to house more guests and create more flexibility for the organizers. The simple design and interesting combinations of Hockey is also connecting with interior design of the area.

Personalization is also another keyword of sustainable development. An area with flexibility enables employees to choose where to seat and work. These types of flexible seating plan and work arrangement help employees enhance autonomy, performance and belongingness. The AI workplace intelligent control system enables convenient and personalized adjustment on a stable room temperature, curtains and lighting level. It also adopts a glass design that saves energy and preserves natural lights while maintaining spatial agility.

Open to improve. Focused to break through

A mature organization always requires more collaborative areas and agile settings of the space planning design. Lamex values the needs of corporate and employees, and provide a scientific workplace solution for the perfect blend of workstations and collaborative areas. A securities company has many different positions. They need to address the personal needs of each individual in order to achieve a wonderful work experience for their employees.

The setting of Avail Bench with Villa office chair creates a clean and effective open workplace, which is perfect for quality and effective teamwork. It fosters communication and preserves the use of natural light. The company can also preserve some workstations as hot desks for ns evolving business needs.

Avail L-shaped desk provides a comfortable work experience for the employees. The Villa office chairs provide ergonomic supports. With the use of monitor arms, employees are free to adjust the workstations for the ideal work posture.

Aesthetics is important to reinforce the brand image of a quality securities company. The use of Envolve private office solution provides a vibrant and elegant modern style, while the use of Majesty+ executive office solution provides a sense of Eastern royalty. All these executive office solutions by Lamex are designed to improve the executive performance and the corporate management.

Lamex is the long-term partner of YUEKAI Securities and continue to provide workplace solutions for Shanghai Headquarter, Beijing and Guangdong business centers. We worked with the leaders to create a sustainable and future workplace. From layout, operation planning to user experience, Lamex provides excellence in planning, service and execution. Our creation of future workplaces is designed to empower creativity, diversified innovation, talent recruitment and customer services in a very competitive way.

In the modern business world, changes always lead to opportunities. Sustainability is supporting a continuous development of corporate. Therefore, a workplace that is perfect for sustainable development can reinforce the forward-thinking and behaviours of employees and is the key toward success for corporate.