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Product description

Creating Neighbourhood Communities

A wellbeing neighbourhood community, social spaces to connect and interact – Longhouse is ideal for individual or group work, allowing you to focus, collaborate, rest and recharge. Engagement and community satisfaction leads to more efficient use of time, balancing work, play and rest for a thriving and productive community.

Design ideas

The Longhouse Community.

Inspired by indigenous longhouse dwelling architecture in China and across South East Asia such as the Iban Dayak tribe, the distinctive post and beam structure allows for custom elevations and extensions to support the growth of its community over thousands of years.

Housing a close-knit community, the Longhouse supports work, play and rest with sustainability at its heart – a place where cooperation and continuous learning allows communities to thrive.

Aesthetic Engineering

Longhouse’s 30mm steel-tube offers an adaptive post structure. Posts are inserted into each other to offer height and create surfaces. Longhouse elements such as shelter, screen, surface, and structure exist at varying elevations beautifully, ideal for all manner of work.


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Material Options

Please contact with Lamex Service Personnel for the complete color selection of Longhouse