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Product description

Designed by Mac Stopa, Tapa’s informal look creates a friendly atmosphere and unleashes imagination and the courage to share it. With the modular design of the poufs, you can change configurations and layouts, while the set can be used by several people.  Because modern offices are meeting spaces more than anything else.

Design ideas

What is ‘informal’ anyway?

It means something easy, relaxed, something that goes by different rules. Informal meetings support interaction, and without the latter there is no innovation.

The world of Mac Stopa’s designs goes by different rules: colour, organic shapes and three-dimensionality. The designer knows that when an office takes on colour, courage enters the scene. Because colour is energy, and that is why Stopa has designed the Tapa: to offer as many colour options as possible.

The modular construction of the pouffes allows for changing their configuration and arrangement. They are perfect as seats or handy tables for putting a laptop. The rotational mechanism ensures movement of the second and third level of the pouffes on a pivot and therefore allows for quick rearrangement.

With a rotational mechanism, the second and third levels of the poufs can move, so you can adjust the Tapa to your back, shoulders and arms. This will give you a sense of pleasant comfort and detachment from the world around you.

The unique design of Tapa adds an exceptional character to an interior, creating an attractive and comfortable informal meeting place. You can have a few, more or many Tapa, depending on your needs and the space you have, to create a pleasant working environment where fosters collaboration and new ideas created together.


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Material Options

Please contact with Lamex Service Personnel for the complete color selection of Tapa

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