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Product description

A trusted partner in the workplace.

A nod to all the extraordinary high flying performers, Trus is a remarkable new office chair that elevates our coherence and confidence in our work environment.

Design ideas

Inspired by the corde lisse used by aerial gymnasts, Trus presents a beautiful unique aerial back. Formed through fluid and elegant trussing of delicate framework, Trus unique aerial back is unassumingly strong yet exceptionally flexible, designed to change and support the spine as our seated posture changes with variable work activities performed. With the weight activated mechanism, Trus knows what your body wants and adjusts uniquely to every user. The intuitive seat reclines to comfortably synchronize with our body’s movements, hands free.

Trus offers an enticing family of performance chairs from mid to high back to executive chair, and stool. A multiple color option is also offered to help you create your ideal and reliable chair in the workplace.


Colour options


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Material Options

Please contact with Lamex Service Personnel for the complete color selection of Trus