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Product description

Adaptive Modularity     

Collaboration is essential when it comes to the workplace. Friendly morning coffees, afternoon chats with your laptop open, or evening brainstorms over drinks. Happiness breeds strong collaboration, and Perch is essential to that ambiance. Its settings create friendly, open environments where everyone can easily socialize.

Perch's contoured sofa collection features captivating lines and subtle curves, to foster collaborations and interactions.  Its flexible modular design is configured to space needs, from river bends to circular sofas, with low-back, high-back and bar sofas.  Perch crafts stunning workspaces, from touchdown terminals to meeting areas, focus nooks to concourse hubs.  Ideal for offices, common areas and hospitality, Perch creates an elegant ambiance.


Common Areas

Common areas are where colleagues cement relationships, with Perch sofa relieving workplace stress.  The modular design is easily extended or reduced, adapted to any workplace.  

Ecological Island creates open environment, encouraging colleagues to relax.  Perch Diner features three sets of high-back sofas clusters, each facing different directions, for seating comfortable and interruption-free.

Rest areas are essential for co-workers to unwind.  Perch Ledge sofa sits comfortably in window aisles and corridor, presenting space dividers that visually create boundaries.  



Perch fits in perfectly. The sofa layout's measurements align ideally with Avail in every possible format: from horizontal rows to panel size, surface depths to overall arrangements. Soothing private spaces are created, through its color-coordinated panels and range of sofa fabric options.



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Material Options

Please contact with Lamex Service Personnel for the complete color selection of Perch